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April 7, 2001 - Issue 33



Favorite Sites


by Vicki Lockard from various sources




Global Forest Awesome
Global Forest Awesome is a fun, engaging look at tree biology for elementary and middle school students. The site menu is a graphic of the tree of knowledge that allows students to visually identify topics of interest. The School section offers self-contained lessons and quizzes, while the Fun Science link offers facts and "gruesomes" that change daily (yes they really are gruesome!) and a Tie Dye Flower experiment. Links on Weather, a Library of information, a Photo Gallery and a Teacher page round out this site.


Indian Peoples of the Northern Great Plains
Images of the Indian Peoples of the Northern Great Plains is a searchable online photograph database created with grant support from the Institute of Museum and Library Services National Leadership Grant Program.


CritterCam Chronicles -
This is not what you'd expect from a steadfast organization like National Geographic. They actually placed cameras on the backs of marine animals and caught their travels on film. You can even view some of the movies they made right here on the website! Sea turtles, sharks, seals and whales are featured here, and there's a good dose of technical information about the cameras themselves for junior scientists who want to learn more. Note - when you're done looking around check out the link on the Kitty Cam!

Baseball: The Game and Beyond
This well-designed ThinkQuest website takes a look at the game from its more technical aspects: the skills it takes to be a play-by-play announcer, the science of pitching and hitting, and umpiring a game. What's more, each section offers three levels of material, from the introductory to the expert, so everyone can enjoy the site regardless of their level of baseball knowledge. And there are important concepts presented here: why does a curve ball curve, how far will a ball travel, the role of friction. The possibilities for application in the classroom are awesome!


E Nature-Wildflowers
This virtual field guide to plants and animals has an extensive listing of all kinds of plants. This particular link takes you to wild flowers, which are categorized by very visual descriptions so that even younger children can make use of the site: simple shapes, odd shapes, dandelion-like flowers, rounded clusters and seeds and fruits to name a few. You can even view the entire category. The clickable photographs are clear and colorful and the resulting pages are chocked full of information. Your students can even send an e-card of the flower they've studied!


This Annenberg Project presentation will help students realize how much waste actually accumulates on Earth from daily living. They'll learn, for example, that they create four pounds of garbage every day! This Annenberg Project presentation helps students to conceptualize how much waste is accumulated on the Earth from daily living. Looking at solid waste, this site helps motivate participants to make a difference on the Earth by changing our wasteful habits.




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